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Announcement on the Conceptual Scheme Design Solicitation of the Comprehensive Hub and Surrounding Plot of Quzhou CRH Western Station


Urban Planning Society of China (Organizer), with entrustment from the Quzhou Railway Construction Headquarters, Quzhou Planning Bureau and Quzhou Traffic Investment Group Co., Ltd., Quzhou CHR Town Promotion Office (Sponsor),is requesting the “Conceptual Scheme Design Solicitation of the Comprehensive Hub and Surrounding Plot of Quzhou CRH Western Station”at home and abroad. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


I. Name of Project


Conceptual Scheme Design of the Comprehensive Hub and Surrounding Plot of Quzhou CRH Western Station.


II. Project Overview


The comprehensive hub of Quzhou CRH west station is located in the range of Quzhou CRH New Town with a total area of about 1 square kilometers, wherein, the Comprehensive Hub of Quzhou CRH Western Station occupies an area of about 500 mu.

Location Map


III. Solicitation Objectives

Under the guidance of the objective vision of the “Vigorous and New Quzhou and Beautiful Garden” and “1433” Strategic System of Quzhou Municipal Party Committee and Quzhou Municipal People's Government, with reference on the domestic and foreign advanced experience, according to the idea of integrated development of the city, the industries and human, focusing on the requirements of “Traffic Pilot, Urban Empowerment, Industrial Innovation”, carry out the business form study and reasonably plan the space resources with the idea of dynamic, development and integration, improve the urban functions with the demands of “Integration of Hangzhou and Quzhou, and New Highland of Quality”, synchronously solve the problems of the development space, transformation and upgrade, improve the problem of social structure and the residential environment at the same time, thus maximizing the superimposed value of the CRH Hub and the city function.


The Architectural (Conceptual) Design of Comprehensive Hub of Quzhou CRH Western Station takes traffic hub as the major function with the objective of integration of station and city, insists on the development idea of big TOD, starting from the compound function of the hub itself and the core relation between the hub and the city, according to the requirements of “no transfer and seamless connection”, emphasizes in the study of the space layout, scale, shape , budget, traffic facilities layout, traffic flow line organization and so on of the Quzhou CRH Western Station Comprehensive Hub, Tourist Distributing Center, etc.


IV. Solicitation Contents


The contents of Scheme Design Solicitation includes two levels: one is conceptual planning scheme of the comprehensive hub and surrounding plot of Quzhou CRH Western Station; another is (conceptual) architecture design of the comprehensive hub. It is required to determine the main function of the planning area, and propose the integrated conceptual scheme such as business form composition, spatial structure, development scale and transportation organization.


V. Solicitation Requirements


5.1 The Scheme Design Solicitation adopts the open registration mode, legally registered domestic and overseas design institutes which have relevant design experience can sign up to participate. The domestic design institutes shall hold urban planning qualification class A or construction engineering design qualification class A. Design institutes less than three members are encouraged to register as the consortium, and the parties of the consortium shall not be in their own name or form a consortium with other design institutes to participate in the scheme solicitation. If the overseas company cooperates with the domestic design institutes for application, then the requirements on the qualification of the domestic design institutes are the same as above. The registration of individual and individual combinations are not accepted.


5.2 The team with similar design (comprehensive hub construction and transportation hub and surroundings development design) experience will be given priority.


5.3 The skilled professionals participating in the solicitation shall be the scheduled personnel of the design institute, and the chief designer shall be held by personnel who has presided over a number of similar projects, and must directly participate in the whole process. In order to ensure the project participant to have accurate understanding on the background and relevant requirements in China, there should be at least one gentry who has good Chinese skills in the overseas planning and design team.


5.4 The applicant shall provide complete pre-qualification documents according to the requirements of the Pre-Qualification Document.


5.5 In addition to the above terms, the applicant shall continue to supplement the qualification certificate to solicit the satisfaction upon request by the Sponsor.


VI. Related Issues of Expense Compensation


The Sponsor will select the first five applicants for scheme design through the Pre-Qualification Review Meeting, and the scheme results submitted will be ranked by the expert review team. The first prize bonus is RMB 1 million; the second prize bonus is RMB 0.8 million; the participants ranking in the 3rd-5th will get a compensation of RMB 0.6 million.


According to the expert advice, the sponsor shall have the right to comprehensively and jointly consider whether the top two applicants will continue to enter the next stage of design.


VII. Time Schedule


It is planned that the shortlist applicants will be conducted on-site survey and solicitation conference in early July, 2018. The design period is 60 calendar days, and the expert review meeting will be held in September 2018.


VIII. Notices


The applicant shall download the Registration Form (Attachment 1) and fill in and send it to the zxb@planning.org.cn, and the Organizer shall reply with the electronic version of the Pre-Qualification Document and Design Specification through E-mail upon receipt of the Registration Form.


The Pre-Qualification Document shall be submitted through two modes: on-site delivery and post:


(1) On-site delivery: duplicate of the ID Card of the legal representative and the authorized representative, the power of attorney issued by the legal representative authorizes, letter of commitment, (consortium agreement), the copy of the business license, the qualification certificate, the turnover of recent three years, litigation and the bad behavior records in recent three years, including the current stage, etc. (all documents shall be affixed with the official seal of the design institute)。


(2) By post: the requirements are the same as that of on-site delivery.


The time and place of submitting the Pre-Qualification Document: the applicant shall fill in the Pre-Qualification Document and send the written documents of the Pre-Qualification Document to the following designated places before 16:00, July 6, 2018 and send the electronic version of all Pre-Qualification Document (the on-site delivery contents shall be stamped with the official seal and scanned) to the designated mailbox zxb@planning.org.cn. Address of submitting the written version of Pre-Qualification Document: 1/F, North Annex Building, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, No. 9, Sanlihe Rd., Haidian District, Beijing. The time for receiving the Pre-Qualification Document is: 9:00-16:00, the overdue delivery or non-qualified Pre-Qualification Document will not be accepted.


Publication of registration result: The Organizer will select the applicants preferentially and publish the name of the shortlist institutes (consortium) within 10 days after the registration is completed.


Contact: Ms. An: 010-58323856, Ms. Chen: 010-58323871


Time for consultation by phone: 09:00-11:00 and 14:00-16:00 on working days.


E-Mail: zxb@planning.org.cn


IX. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese, the Chinese version shall prevail.



June 13, 2018