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Announcement on International Consulting for Strategic Planning and Urban Design of Chang'an Innovative Future City in Wuxi



Urban Planning Society of China (the organizing supporter) is commissioned by Wuxi Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee (the organizer) to launch this open international consulting activity for Strategic Planning and Urban Design of Chang'an Innovative Future City in Wuxi (hereinafter referred to as “this consulting activity”)。 The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows.


I.Consulting Objectives


Wuxi Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in 2001. Over the past two decades, it has developed into a modern new city with complete facilities and perfect functions, and the sub-centre of the city in the north of Wuxi.


As an important node for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone is located between Shanghai and Nanjing, at the core of the half-hour economic circle of Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou and the two-hour economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta, and an important intersection along the Belt and Road Initiative. Convenient rail transit, high-speed expressways, air and water transportation will provide a broad development space and market opportunities for Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone.


At present, Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone has formed a modern industrial system dominated by car parts, new energy, service outsourcing, and life technology; and has formed a spatial pattern of “four parks, two bases, one centre”. It has become the core engine of Huishan's economic growth and the core carrier of strategic emerging industries.


Under the pattern of integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu Province is actively integrating into the science and technology innovation community of the Yangtze River Delta, planning to base itself on digital transformation, combining the real economy and demonstrative applications to enable industrial upgrading, and spatially integrating into the Shanghai-Nanjing industrial innovation belt to create a technological innovation layout. As an important city in the science and technology innovation community ofthe Yangtze River Delta, Wuxi also proposed a series of strategies such as the Taihu Bay Science and Innovation Belt and Wuxi-Jiangyin Integration, to build multi-directional radiation and multi-platform support for science and innovation space structure, in which the Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone is an important industrial and regional integration node in the north of Wuxi.


In 2021, Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zonewas upgraded to a national-level economic and technological development zone. As an innovation pole in the north of Wuxi, Chang'an Innovative Future City is proposed to realize the scientific and technological responsibility as the national-level economic and technological development zone.


Chang'an Innovative Future City is located at the northern gateway of Wuxi, to integrate with the Wuxi Sub-centre of Huishan New City in the west; it is adjacent to Jiangyin Xiakewan Science City to the north and the central district of Xishan to the south, forming the north wing of Wuxi's technological innovation layout.


Chang'an Innovative Future City will be developed into an innovation engine that gathers technology industry clusters and has core technology research capabilities; a charming technology city with high-quality services and attracts future scientific and technological talents; interconnected, develop regional innovative service functions, and become a supporter to promote Wuxi-Jiangyin Integration; to build a blue-green interweaving space, and explore the future urban area of a low-carbon smart model.


To this end, the International Consulting for Strategic Planning and Urban Design of Chang'an Innovative Future City in Wuxi is now held. Based on the principles of openness, justice, and fairness, we sincerely invite the world's outstanding and experienced urban design consulting institutions to participate; adopt an open consulting method of sharing wisdom, sharing process, and sharing achievements to propose high-quality schemes with advanced development concepts and strong operability, to build Chang'an Innovative Future City into a future city of science and technology-driven development, a future city of happiness for scientific and technological talents and future lifestyle, and a future pioneer city that explores the low-carbon smart construction model.




Location of the project site


Ⅱ.Consulting Method


Three applicant institutions will be shortlisted to participate in this consulting activity through qualification review. This consulting activity will be more open and fair; in order to study the planning issues more practically, respect the achievements of all design institutions, and truly reflect the professional level and abilities, this consultation activity will adhere to the principle of “gathering global wisdom, building development consensus, formulating schemes together, and jointly publishing achievements”. This consulting activity is divided into three successive stages with three independent topics, that is, “strategic planning research”, “urban design formulation”, and “implementation strategy research”. Schemes will be reviewed in accordance with the rules established in the Solicitation Document at each stage; the winning scheme will be the major scheme at that stage; and corresponding bonus and compensation fees will be paid for each stage based on the review results.


The applicant institution who is selected as the major scheme will responsible for summarizing the main achievements and conclusions of the three schemes and the jury committee, forming a general report for that stage to serve as the basis for the next stage.


The final consulting achievements will be signed and published jointly by all the three applicant institutions after the three stages.


Ⅲ.Consulting Scope


1) Scope of planning and design


That is, the planning and design scope of Chang'an Innovative Future City, from Wuxi-Jiangyin Expressway in the west, Xibei Canal in the south, and the administrative boundary of Huishan District in the east and north, with a planning area of approximately 21.5 square kilometres. To carry out planning of various functions, spatial planning, and conceptual overall urban design within this scope.


To select key area (or start-up area) within the scope of planning and design to carry out detailed urban design based on the strategy research and specific requirements for the follow-up work.


2) Scope of overall planning research


That is, the administrative boundary of Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total area of 38.06 square kilometres. To comprehensively coordinate the spatial planning system of function, transportation, ecology, infrastructure, etc., as well as various major strategic plans, to ensure the integrity and rationality of the planning for the district as a whole.



Diagram of the research and design scope


Ⅳ.Application Requirements


(1) This consulting activity opens application to domestic and foreign institutions that are legally registered and have research and design experience similar to this project.


This project encourages application by consortium, but the consortium shall not have more than three members, and the members of the consortium are not allowed to apply separately on their own or form another consortium. Domestic institutions must have one of Grade-A qualification of urban and rural planning formulation, or Grade-A qualification of architecture and construction engineering; foreign institutions must have one of the relevant qualifications of strategy consulting, urban and rural planning, or architecture design issued by the competent authority or relevant industry organizations of their home country or region.


Applicant institutions should have corresponding industry consulting abilities on new areas, new cities, or important industry function district; if not, applicants must form a consortium with famous consulting agencies in industry research, etc. Considering the impact of COVID-19, foreign applicant institutions (without branches in China) must form a consortium with domestic institutions. If a foreign applicant institution consorts with a domestic applicant institution, qualification requirements for the domestic institution are the same as above. The qualification requirements of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan institutions shall refer to the requirements of foreign applicant institutions. Applications by individuals or groups of individuals will not be accepted. For two or more legal entities whose legal representative is the same person, the parent company, the wholly-owned subsidiary and the holding company are not allowed to apply at the same time.


(2) The professionals involved in this project must be the current registered staff of the applicant institution; the chief designer must have experience in directing several similar projects, and the chief designer and team members must participate in the whole process of the project (project release conference and site survey, scheme design, scheme reporting)。 Due to the epidemic situation, if the chief designer from abroad cannot participate in person, he or she must participate in the above activities via video, and the main domestic designers should be present to participate. The project team shall be fully equipped with all professional types and comprehensive research abilities of industry, transportation, space design, planning implementation, etc. The professional team of the foreign applicant institution should include at least one member who is proficient in Chinese to ensure the accurate understanding of the regional background and relevant requirements.


(3) The applicant institution shall provide complete prequalification application materials in accordance with the requirements of the Prequalification Document.


(4) In addition to the above terms, when the organizer of this consulting activity raises reasonable requests, the applicant institution shall continue to provide supplementary certification documents that meet the corresponding requirements.


Ⅴ.Fees and Awards


After the shortlisted applicant institutions submit valid application documents for each stage in accordance with the requirements of the Solicitation Document, the jury committee will review and select one major scheme at each stage and award the bonus; the selected applicant institution will be responsible to form a general report for that stage. The other two applicant institutions will be paid a compensation fee.


This consulting activity is divided into three stages:


Strategic planning research stage: to select one major scheme and award the applicant institution a bonus of RMB 1.3 million; the other two applicant institutions will be paid a compensation fee of RMB 0.5 million each.


Urban design formulation stage: to select one major scheme and award the applicant institution a bonus of RMB 1.6 million; the other two applicant institutions will be paid a compensation fee of RMB 0.6 million each.


Implementation strategy research stage: to select one major scheme and award the applicant institution a bonus of RMB 1.1 million; the other two applicant institutions will be paid a compensation fee of RMB 0.4 million each.


All the above fees include taxes.


However, the applicant institution who fail to submit application documents within the prescribed time, or whose application documents are not acceptable according to the requirements of the Solicitation Document, or whose qualifications have been revoked, will not be paid the design compensation fee or bonus.




It is planned to determine the shortlist of applicant institutions in late January 2022, and organize the site survey and hold the project release conference in February 16, 2022; the chief designer and the team members of the applicant institutions are required to attend. The design period of this consultation activity is about 50 days for the strategic planning research stage, about 60 days for the urban design formulation stage, and about 35 days for the implementation strategy research stage, for a total of about 145 days; including the time to form the general report for each stage (please refer to the Prequalification Document for specific schedule)。


Ⅶ.Application Method


Any applicant who intends to participate in this consulting activity shall register first. After downloading the application form (Appendix 1) and completing the application information, the applicant shall send it to the designated email address After receiving the application form, the organizing supporter will reply with the Prequalification Document and other related documents by email.


Prequalification application documents shall be made in strict accordance with relevant requirements, and can be submitted by on-site submission or express delivery. Due to the special circumstances of the epidemic, if submit by express delivery, please reserve enough time for the express transportation; a letter of authorization by the legal representative shall be presented if submit on site.


Submission time and place for the prequalification application documents: The applicant institutions should submit the printed prequalification application documents to the designated address before 16:00 on January 17, 2022, and send all electronic prequalification application documents to the designated email address (。 The submission address for the printed documents is as follows: Urban Planning Society of China, North Annex Building of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, No.9 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China, Miss Zhang (the addressee), 010-58323854. The time for submission is 09:00-16:00 on working days. Prequalification application documents that are overdue or do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.


Announcement of prequalification result: The selecting result of shortlisted applicant institutions will be announced within 30 calendar days after the deadline for submission of prequalification application documents.




Contact: Miss Lei 010-58323868, Miss Zhang 010-58323854.

Telephone consultation time: 09:00-11:00 and 14:00-16:00 on working days.



Ⅷ.Announcement Platforms


This announcement is issued simultaneously on the Website of Urban Planning Society of China ( and the Website of Wuxi Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee (。 The amendments and supplements to this announcement are subject to the contents published on the above websites. If there is any inconsistency between Chinese and English in this announcement, the content in Chinese shall prevail.


December27, 2021